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South Green Junior

   South Green Learning Behaviours

At South Green we learn better by using South Green Learning Behaviours!

We are:

  • Responsible | we remember to bring equipment and homework to school, we listen in lessons and follow instructions.
  • Reciprocal | we can talk to other people about our learning, we can share with others and work well in a group.
  • Resilient |  we are able to have a go, make mistakes and try again.
  • Resourceful | we can think of ways to challenge ourselves and get the equipment we need in lessons.
  • Reflective | we can think about our learning. E.g. we can think about what helps us to learn, we can talk about the next steps to improve our work, we can think about and check our targets.

Can you do all of these in your lessons?

Which ones are you really good at?

Which ones do you find challenging and need to get better at?