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South Green Junior

School Aims and Values

Our aims

Children will leave our school as effective, independent learners, equipped with core life skills and experiences that enable them to meet future challenges with confidence.

Every child in our school will experience a rich, broad and exciting curriculum that is relevant to modern society.

All children have a say in their own development and feel happy and safe at school.

Every member of the school community will feel valued, included and respected as an individual.

Children will leave our school having developed respect and tolerance for others. This includes respect for other cultures and faiths.

Children leave our school with a strong set of moral values, having a sense of responsibility towards the community they live in.


South Green Values

These are the values that the pupils and staff of South Green believe are important to develop in order to become successful learners. They underpin everything that we do at the school. The children in our School Council chose the wording and examples for each one of our values.


We remember to bring equipment and homework to school.

We listen in lessons and follow instructions.

We tell the truth


We can talk to other people about our learning

We can share with others and work well in a group.


We are able to have a go, make mistakes and try again.


We can think of ways to challenge ourselves.

We can choose the equipment we need in lessons.


We can think about what helps us to learn.

We can talk about the next steps to improve our work.

We can think about and check our targets.