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Sports Premium 2021 2022

Use and impact of sport premium funding

In the 2021-2022 academic year we spent £19 665. This meant we spent our whole allocation, which included money carried forward due to Covid-19 from the previous years.

The aim of our sport premium spending is to ensure that all children at South Green Juniors are given the best possible opportunities to access regular physical activity, high quality teaching, broad active experiences and high quality resources.

We used our sport premium funding to improve the quality of PE and sport provision in with the following intended outcomes:

  1) The profile of PE and sport is raised across the school using it as a tool for whole school improvement.

 2) Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport.

 3) Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.

 4) The engagement in all pupils in regular physical activity.

 5) Increased participation in competitive sport.

Spending Chart

Below is a chart outlining how the sport premium money has been spent against these areas.  Extra notes have been included in the table to give details of what the money was spent on. Underneath the table, information about the impact of this year’s spending has been included.

Sport premium spending chart for the 2021/2022 academic year including notes

Costs have been rounded to nearest pound or ten pounds



Cost so far/ Estimated Cost


The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity

Replacement of the Gym Trail


This was partly funded by the PTA.

Orienteering course


This has been installed and children have already started to find the marker at play times. They are ready to be used in the Year 5 curriculum next year.

Shed repairs


Cost has increased due to material cost increasing. This will happen over the summer holiday.

Repairing/maintaining the gym


Maintenance was done in November

Replacing basketball nets


Four new basketball nets have arrived and sand ordered to weight these down. They are used at lunchtime on rota by the pupils and by an extra-curricula club

Resources for PE and to improve club and playtime experience


Includes replacing the 9 a side goals and the goals on the playground.

Raising the profile of PE and sport across the school and using it as a tool for whole school improvement

Anna McNuff talk


This happened last Summer and was thoroughly enjoyed by pupils.

Noticeboards newsletters and displays



Gold School Games Award achieved



Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE

Personalised staff PE CPD


Free methods of CPD have been used such as help with dodgeball planning in two year groups, which has increased confidence of teaching those areas and the quality of the lessons.

AfPE (Association for PE) membership


The membership provides Health and Safety guidance as well as other support for teachers through reduced cost of publications and their website.

Broader experience of  a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

Sports Day and Week


Medals costing £300 were bought and used during sports day.

Playground equipment and activities


New skipping hopes were ordered and activities for play leaders to use on the playground.

Increased participation in competitive sport

Cover for staff to take children to events


Some cover costs have been taken out of other budgets.

District Sports -contribution to medals and trophies



Access to SSP (School Sport Partnership)


 128 children (53%) have represented the school in a sporting competition. This included 35% of the PPG register and 38% of the SEND register.


Staff salaries




Money spent this academic year



Money left to spend (April 2022-2023)



Unallocated money (April 2022-2023)



Impacts for 2021-2022  (italics show evidence or the progress made towards these)


  • More children being active on the playground

Play leaders have all been trained to help facilitate play and physical activity. They activities have been popular on the playground in all year groups. The new basketball nets are allowing children to play basketball on a rota each day, increasing activity. The new gym trail is still popular with students and keeping them engaged. Putting up the new gazeboes purchased the previous year have allowed children to have a shaded space to play on hotter days on the playground. Pupils have also used the new orienteering markings at playtimes to play games with.


Children will take part in a wider variety of sports (even if only for a taster session) and more sports will be available at the school.

The orienteering course has been installed to improve the provision for the year 5 curriculum. The markings can also be used at playtimes for all students. As part of our recovery from Covid-19 we have returned to a full PE curriculum with all subject areas being taught in the correct year groups. This will have improved the breadth of the sports that children will have experienced.


  • A higher profile for sporting achievements around the school.

Achievement of school times has been publicised on the school newsletter including the school getting to a mid-Essex final in table tennis. Sporting achievement for pupils outside of school have been put on the newsletter. Certificates given out for swimming gala to show achievement and participation of larger group of students. Display of sporting teams has been updated in the Spring term to provide a continuous visual of different achievements and teams. Children took part in a dance routine at the Billericay Soapbox Race in front of thousands of people. All students have taken part in whole school PE fundraising activities and intraspecific competitions involving, walking, running, throwing, skipping and jumping, which has helped emphasise personal best performance.


  • PE being used to improve/motivate pupil in other subjects such as: creative writing; maths; PHSE; art and design and science.

Science has been linked into PE lessons that PE leader has observed through the healthy school focus. Art skills were used in competitions such as the designs for the soapbox costumes. Writing skills were used in the design an event for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 competitions where children needed to describe their event or the rules. PE leader has witnessed Maths skills being reinforced during lessons such as hitting shuttlecocks onto target mats for accuracy and adding up the team scores.


  • Teachers being more confident in providing PE online learning and activities

List of areas for improvement have been collated for each teacher. Teachers have discussed the areas with the PE leader and feedback and training has been given to increase confidence and provision. This included help with planning and finding/using resources within dodgeball and badminton. The PE area of the school website has been updated with new resources to help online learning and learning PE at home.


  • Teaching of PE to be consistently good or outstanding

Observations of teachers (three completed) show that teaching is good or outstanding. Walk-throughs and discussions with teachers about data have helped to identify any new barriers to students. PE Lead has taught several other classes across year groups to help understand the barriers of different classes to improve support and feedback. Barrier plans for pupils in PE have been updated on the PE subject matrices providing support for pupils who are below in PE for specific reasons. This has enabled the standard of PE teaching to be consistently good or outstanding.